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Hospice Care

Seniors Hold a Special Place

in Our Heart

The end of a Dog's Life is just as important as the beginning. Many Senior and Terminally ill pets find themselves in shelters all over due to various reasons. Their age, special needs, and expensive medical care often prevent these amazing dogs from finding a forever home. Our Hospice Program is designed to provide the care these dogs need without placing the financial burden on loving families. We match each hospice dog with a foster in our program and provide everything the dog needs to enjoy the last moments of their life surrounded by love. 


Each Dog in our Hospice Program is provided with all medical treatment, medications, supplies, and experiences they need to make sure their remaining days are full of happiness and comfort. The cost PER MONTH for each dog is anywhere  $75-300. Without the help of donors, this would not be possible. Donations are desperately needed to continue our program. 

Meet Our Hospice Dogs 



Ginger was surrendered to a local shelter by a previous owner because she was unable to provide her the care she needed. Ginger was suffering from severe dental disease, and was diagnosed with cancer. Ginger has lost all of her teeth, but she gained a new foster mom who loves her so much!

UPDATE: Gingers foster mom has adopted her!



Captain joined our hospice program in 2020. A volunteer happened to see a " free dog" post on social media, and swooped in to bring Captain into our rescue. He spent the first few months going through all of his wellness care in preparation for adoption. After experiencing seizures, Captain was diagnosed with a liver shunt. With his age, surgery is not an option. Captain is on several lifelong medications, and due to several reoccuring medical costs, he will spend the remainder of his life with his dachshund savvy foster home. 



After being surrendered to a rural shelter, Gretchen needed someone to rescue her. She had missing fur over half of her body, worn teeth, and a very large mass hanging from her chest. It took several weeks to get her skin infection and hairloss under control. After her mass was removed, she was diagnosed with high grade mammary cancer. At 11 years old, we place Gretchen into our hospice program so she could enjoy every moment of her time. Recently, Gretchen was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She still enjoys many aspects of her life, and although we know her time with us is limited, she is so very loved. 

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2021



Maple found herself very confused and scared in a shelter after she was found walking down a highway alone. She was covered in scabs, had major hair loss, and was suffering from Lyme disease. When we saw the picture of Maple laying in a kennel at the shelter we knew we needed to help her. She has spent the last several months recovering in her foster home and getting healthy again. She is estimated to be at least 12. She will spend the rest of her days loved in a foster home. 



After spending several days wandering a neighborhood in the rain, a Good Samaritan brought Gerdie inside until her hoe could be found. Unfortunately no owner came forward. Gerdie is approximately 12 years old and suffers from anxiety. She is a slow moving girl who needed lots of TLC to get her feeling better. Gerdie is spending her golden years with a foster family who understands her anxiety, and will provide her with love for the rest of her days!

UPDATE: Gerdies foster mom has adopted her!

Crossed the rainbow Bridge in 2022



Max's owners surrendered him to a local shelter for unknown reasons. At 15 years old, the shelter is truly no place for him to thrive. Max needed a hospice home to enjoy his remaining time, so he joined one of our foster homes. Max is completely blind and has some cognitive changes due to age, but is living comfortably surrounded by love. 

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2021



Margaret was found by a local animal control officer wandering a country road. She was very timid and it was clear she had medical concerns that needed more care than the shelter could provide. Because of her age of 13, Margaret joined our hospice program. After just a few trips to the vet, Margaret was diagnosed with Cushing's, severe arthritis, and was suffering from skin and ear infections. She has been getting lots of love and TLC in her foster home, and we hope she will have more time to spend enjoying life! 

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2022



After her lifetime owner had passed away, Honey found herself homeless at the shelter. after some worrying symptoms lead to the discovery of a large mass on her heart, we new Honey deserved to life her life enjoying a bucket list. Honey was given approximately two months to live, but has exceeded this by nearly a year! Honey continues to check items off her bucket list and is living each day like it could be her last!

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2021



After being surrendered to a rural shelter, chewie was struggling to heal from numerous medical issues. We brought Chewie into our hospice program with the hopes of giving him the TLC he needed to live comfortably during his senior years. Chewie struggle with blindness, severe arthritis, a skin infection due to untreated allergies, and horribly irritated eyes. Chewie is on several lifelong medications to keep his allergies, skin, arthritis, and chronic dry eye in check. 

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2022



Bear has only had one owner since birth. Tragically, his owner passed away and family stepped in to try to provide him with a home. Unfortunately, Bear needed more than family could take on, and he found himself at a local shelter. Bear joined our Hospice program shortly after. Bear is a very sweet boy, but needed a special home to understand his quirks. Bear also needs a prescription food and medication to help with his severe allergies. He is spending his retirement in a foster home where he is loved and cared for!

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