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Adoption Info! 

Our most current list of adoptable animals is found on PetFinder. 

Please find our adoption application Below! 


All adoptable dogs are spayed/neutered, given age appropriate vaccines, microchipped, heartworm tested, dewormed, and current on heartworm and flea prevention. All Adoptable cats are spayed/neutered, given age appropriate vaccines, microchipped, dewormed, FIV/Felv tested, and current on flea prevention. Due to limited Spay/Neuter availability, there is a possibility that the animal you are adopting may come home as a foster to adopt until the spay/neuter appointment which will be covered by the adoption fee at our vet. If this is the case, you will be provided with this information during the adoption process. 

All Animals are in private foster homes, we do not have a facility with visiting hours. Out of respect and safety for our foster families, Meet and greets are only scheduled after an application has been approved.  There are no exceptions.  We do occasionally participate in adoption events locally and will bring our adoptable dogs to these events. we do not do same day adoptions in those situations. 

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for every animal will vary based on various factors, but is generally $100-600.  


Adoption Process

The adoption process begins with an application. All applicants must apply for a specific dog. Your application will be placed into a pool of applications from which we will select what we feel to be the best home for that particular dog based on what is written in the application. For this reason, we ask that you spend time on each question and answer in as much detail as possible. Applications with incomplete or one word answers will not be processed. During the application review process, we do not call all applicants, or their references, for each dog but attempt to email a decision one way or another. If you do not receive an email, please know it is an oversight, and that our volunteers make every effort to communicate with each applicant, but occasionally are unable to for one reason or another. If you are not chosen to adopt the dog you applied for, Please do not assume that you are not being selected because you are not a good applicant, but rather because we often get many applications for one dog and someone else may just happen to be a better suited applicant for that dog or may equally as good but we had to choose just one. We ask that you reapply for a different dog in the future. You must submit a new application for each dog you are interested in applying for. Applications will NOT be carried over to other available dogs. We do not have pre-approved adoptive homes as we want to make sure every interested applicant has a chance to adopt. If you are adopting for a second time, please let us know on your application. 

We ask that you read the dog's bio carefully to ensure that your home will be a fit for that dog and also understand that that dog's needs may change as we get to know him/her . Also, it is important to note the foster may choose to adopt the dog before he/she ever becomes available. For this reason, we request that you wait to apply until the dog is listed on petfinder with the rest of our available dogs. We will continue to accept applications for approximately one week after the dog is moved to "Available" (unless the dog doesn't receive any applications and in that situation we will leave the dog up for as long as it takes to get the dog adopted). If within a few days we have received a fair number of applications, we will go ahead and move that dog to "Pending adoption" status. This will remove the dog from petfinder while we process applications. If the dog is still listed on petfinder, we are still accepting applications. if the dog has been removed from petfinder, we are no longer accepting applications. It may take up to three weeks for you to receive communication regarding your application. 


If your application is selected as the best fit, your personal and veterinary references will be checked and a Home check video will be requested. This video will need to include interior and exterior views of the home and yard if applicable. Once the home check has been submitted and approved, we are able to schedule a meet and greet with the adoptable animal. We cannot hold adoptable animals for more than a few days. We will not hold the animal until after a vacation, move, etc. The Meet and Greet will generally take place in Camby, IN or the home of the foster parent.  If both parties agree to proceed with adoption during the meeting, your new family member will go home with you! Please note, we may request a few days after the meet and greet to make a decision for the animals placement, however, most adoptions will take place the day of the meet and greet. 

Additional Information

  • We do accept out of state applications, but preference will be given to local applicants. 

  • You must be 18 or older to adopt. 

  • We do not require a fenced yard for every dog, but some dogs may require one. It is taken on a case by case basis. 

  • You do not need to own your home to adopt.

  • All animals are to be indoor members of the family. We do not adopt to individuals who keep existing animals outdoors, or plan to keep a new animal outdoors.  (exceptions include individuals with police k9s that are required to live outdoors or livestock guardians)

See our Adoptable Pets Here:

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