Although we believe all animals are worth saving, we have always had a connection with the underdog. The dogs who are broken. The dogs who have a far fetched chance of survival or adoption. These are just a few of the stories of our special rescues. 


All odds were against Phoenix when he became a Far Fetched Dog. It was unclear if he would survive after he was surrendered to a local clinic. Phoenix had been horribly burned by “bath water”while in the care of his previous owners. While we were never able to confirm or have the owners charged, we believe this could have been done by placing Phoenix on a grill based on the burn lines along his stomach. Phoenix had to be placed in a medicated coma to allow his body to heal and keep him out of the horrible pain he was in. After spending nearly 2 weeks in the hospital, Phoenix was released into the care of his new mom, a vet! His full recovery took months, but fast forward nearly a year, and he just celebrated his 1st birthday! Phoenix’s total cost of care was $11,671.74


Paisley was surrendered to us after her owners could not provide the care she would need. A child in paisleys previous home had stepped on her back and damaged her spine. We knew Paisley needed a chance to have a normal life, and at only 8 weeks old her life was just starting! Paisley spent a few days in the hospital to get her pain under control and stabilize her back. Unfortunately the day after she came home, her foster knew something wasn't right. She was rushed back to the hospital where she spent the next 10 days in critical condition. Paisley had become severely anemic and needed two blood transfusions. Over her 10 days at the hospital, Paisley had many health issues come up. Her anemia was due to the traumatic injury in her spine, and she also suffered from an upper respiratory infection, Abscessed and ruptured anal glands, and internal bleeding. As her vet bill continued to grow, we were losing hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But just as we were losing hope, Paisley turned a corner. She was released to recover at home. After numerous internal medicine and neurological consultations, Paisley finally healed. Paisley is now spending her days loving life with her new family!


 After one of our volunteers saw a puppy being given away on a Facebook post, we quickly made the decision to step in. You see, this was not a normal puppy. This was a 3 week old puppy though to have swimmer syndrome. Shortly after arriving, Ava made her way to the vet where it was quickly discovered that this was not swimmer syndrome. Ava suffered from malformed vertebrae and hemi vertibrae with stenosis. What that meant for Ava is that no matter how much therapy she did, she would never walk normally. The following weeks were spent visiting neurologists to see if anything could be done surgically, but unfortunately Ava was too young to truly be able to tell. Ava can not use her back legs appropriately, but this doesn't slow her down. Ava has kept up with dogs of all sizes when playing, and grows every day! over the past 7 months Ava has kept her foster family on their toes and has thrown them many learning curves. Recently during a routine spay, it was discovered that Ava was born with only one kidney and one uterine horn. with only one kidney, Ava did horribly under anesthesia and unfortunately is a significant risk for any future surgeries. This will prevent any future spinal surgeries, but Avas life will still have quality. She will spend the rest of her days in a forever foster home where she is loved just the way she is!


A local Animal Control Officer picked up a puppy in horrific condition and took her to their shelter. This little puppy was then posted to a list of animals in need of rescue. Once we saw this baby, we knew we had to help her. This puppy, who we named Daisy, had spent months suffering from Demodex Mange, which lead to a significant skin infection. Daisy has inflamed, raw skin with open wounds all over from itching her skin off. She was so uncomfortable that just a simple movement would make her bleed. Daisy spent several months on a treatment for the mange that consisted or oral treatment, antibiotics, and bi weekly baths in medicated shampoo. once healed, Daisy found her forever family with a the volunteer who saw her at the shelter. She is spending her days playing and loving life!


Found in the middle of a country road in the frigid temperatures of winter, Franklin was picked up by a volunteer of a rural shelter in southern Indiana. Franklin's temperature was dangerously low, and his body condition was horrible. He was taken to a vet in the area where the recommendation was to have him euthanized. The volunteer knew there had to be someone who could step up and save him, and that's just what we did. Franklin was incredibly skinny, emaciated, and covered in large masses all over his body. upon examination, our vet guessed him to be at least 10 years old. The following months Franklin spent time in a foster home gaining much needed weight. He then went into surgery. He had 8 masses of various sizes removed, the largest being an infected mass that was hanging from his side that had ruptured. Franklins teeth were also in need of significant help, which resulted in a dental with several extractions. Franklins masses were sent out for testing, and the pathology unfortunately came back that Franklin had a malignant Trichoepithilioma mass. Due to age and health, we elected to allow Franklin to live the rest of his days in a Hospice foster home. Franklin is still enjoying life, and spends his time talking to the visitors at his moms horse farm. 


Noodles was taken into a shelter in Indiana after he was found as a stray. The shelter staff knew something wasnt quite normal with him, so they looked for a rescue who could help. Noodles joined us a few days later and we were in love immediately! There was no doubt that noodles was anything but normal, but how could we not love him? After a trip to the neurologist, Noodles was give the clear that his genetic issues were not going to cause problems for him genetically. Noodles has a funny walk, googly eyes, and a tongue that just wont stay in. He is blind, but otherwise a happy, healthy boy. Noodles joined his new family who love him just as much as we did! He is living life with his new pug siblings!


After our local animal control received a report of a puppy in need of help, the discovered a tiny puppy injured and tossed in a dumpster. We knew we had to save this poor girl, and got her to the vet right away. Rainey had a severely ruptured eye, and a significant ulcer in the other eye. Her tail was broken in several places, and had healed in lightening bolt shape with several bent areas. She was malnourished and clearly underweight with a very round belly filled with parasites. Rainey spent a few days in a foster home getting some much needed food and dewormer. Rainey then went into surgery to remove her ruptured eye. over the next few months Rainey struggled to gain weight. Thankfully, she got herself on track and learned to navigate life with one eye. Rainey was adopted by a family who made her the center of their world!


Picked up as a stray, Smudge found himself waiting to be rescued at our local Animal Control. Smudge was a shelter staff favorite, but they knew he needed more diagnostic care than they could give him. We stepped in to help Smudge, and he was an overnight celebrity! Smudge is a happy go lucky guy with a goofy personality that everyone loves. Smudge also has quite a unique appearance. At some point in his life he has serious trauma which resulted in a crooked face. We cannot be sure if this was abuse or an accident, but we have a feeling his previous life was not kind to him. After xrays and a full exam, we were delighted to know the crooked smile on Smudges face thankfully did not need any kind of surgical correction other than removal of a few teeth irritating the roof of his mouth. Smudge healed from his surgery quickly, and hit the jackpot with a mom and dad and brothers who adore him! 

Elsie was found wandering the streets of Indianapolis, and  a good Samaritan made a report to animal control. She was picked up by animal control one evening after spending who knows how many days in negative temperatures hiding in the garage of an abandoned house. Elsie waddled when she walked, and had the looks of an old dog who had lived a bad life. She was covered in pressure sores from living on hard ground, had foggy eyes, horribly infected ears, and was absolutely petrified. We saw she was in need of a rescue to allow her to live the rest of her days comfortably, and we wanted to help. After arriving in her foster home, it was clear she needed immediate attention to the infection in her ears. She had developed a large mass that was draining infection down her face. After a trip to the vet it was evident that regular antibiotic medications wouldn't cut it. Elsie required a TECA surgery to remove the entire ear canal after years of chronic infection. After healing, her various other health issues were addressed and by that time, Elsie was a totally different dog. She had come out of her shell, and was thriving in her foster home. They knew they couldn't let her go and she became a permanent addition to their family. 



One evening one of our volunteers got a frantic phone call from a friend. Somehow, a dog had fallen into a large hole at a construction site. The had picked him up out of the hole, but knew he needed some help. Our volunteer didn't hesitate to pick him up. Norman was sore and in such an emaciated state. He was skin and bones, his tail had recently been cut off, and it was clear that he was a senior. Whatever Norman had been through, we knew it wasn't good. Within 12 hours of arriving at his foster home, Normans face swelled to nearly double the size. A trip to the vet revealed horrible infection in his mouth an ears had created a large abscess. Norman spent the next 6 months battling one illness after another, but he never gave up. He had a dental surgery with numerous extractions, several masses removed of all different sizes, and worst of all, He had to endure treatment for Heartworm. During his nearly two years in his foster home, they discovered that Norman was deaf due to the chronic infections in his ears. It took a while to find the right person, but sure enough Norman found the perfect home. Norman was able to spend two years loving life with his new dad, and we are so happy his final years were comfortable and happy. 

Flapjack found himself at a rural shelter miserable on the concrete floor. He had been surrendered by an owner who didnt want him anymore. At 12 years old, the hard floors were difficult for flapjack, and it seemed to cause him increasing pain. We knew we had to get him into a foster home where he could spend his remaining time loved and cared for. Flapjack joined his foster home and was taken to the vet to see what could be done to make him more comfortable. Flapjack had scars on both knees that led us to discover he had had surgery on both legs at some point. he had significant arthritis due to age, and we knew his time with us would be limited. Every day flapjack lived like he had always deserved. He had a full belly, warm beds, all the toys he could dream of, and so much love showered on him by his foster family. We told his story and he had visitors come by and spend time with him. As the days went by, we knew his time was limited. We celebrated Flapjack daily, but decided to have a party just for him. Flapjack left us days after, surrounded by the foster home who loved him so dearly. 


After wondering along a country road for quite some time, Waylon stopped at a farm in a rural area of Indiana. With just one look, the owners of the farm knew he needed immediate medical attention. Waylon was taken to an emergency clinic by the finders, but they were unable to provide the care he needed. Thats where we cam in. We knew Waylon needed us, and need a chance at a life he so deserved. Although we cannot be certain, we believe Waylons foot was caught in a trap. He was skin and bones from starvation, and the bones of his front foot were completely exposed. His leg was terribly infected from the wound, and we were unable to save his leg. He had numerous wounds all over, and is actually still healing in his wonderful foster home. Waylon should make a full recovery, and will find his forever home as soon as he is able!


After being picked up as a stray by local Animal Control, Samantha was in need of a rescue to take her in and get her the surgery she needed. It is believed that Samantha was hit by a car. She had several old fractures that were not healing correctly in her front leg, and a broken hip. These injuries were very painful and Samantha was also incredibly malnourished. We picked Samantha up from the shelter and took her straight to the emergency vet for surgery. Samantha's front leg was not able to be saved, and she needed an FHO on her hip. Samantha's recovery has been slow, but each day she gets stronger! She loves life and doesn't let her past slow her down!