Although we believe all animals are worth saving, we have always had a connection with the underdog. The dogs who are broken. The dogs who have a far fetched chance of survival or adoption. These are just a few of the stories of our special rescues. 


All odds were against Phoenix when he became a Far Fetched Dog. It was unclear if he would survive after he was surrendered to a local clinic. Phoenix had been horribly burned by “bath water”while in the care of his previous owners. While we were never able to confirm or have the owners charged, we believe this could have been done by placing Phoenix on a grill based on the burn lines along his stomach. Phoenix had to be placed in a medicated coma to allow his body to heal and keep him out of the horrible pain he was in. After spending nearly 2 weeks in the hospital, Phoenix was released into the care of his new mom, a vet! His full recovery took months, but fast forward nearly a year, and he just celebrated his 1st birthday! Phoenix’s total cost of care was $11,671.74


Paisley was surrendered to us after her owners could not provide the care she would need. A child in paisleys previous home had stepped on her back and damaged her spine. We knew Paisley needed a chance to have a normal life, and at only 8 weeks old her life was just starting! Paisley spent a few days in the hospital to get her pain under control and stabilize her back. Unfortunately the day after she came home, her foster knew something wasn't right. She was rushed back to the hospital where she spent the next 10 days in critical condition. Paisley had become severely anemic and needed two blood transfusions. Over her 10 days at the hospital, Paisley had many health issues come up. Her anemia was due to the traumatic injury in her spine, and she also suffered from an upper respiratory infection, Abscessed and ruptured anal glands, and internal bleeding. As her vet bill continued to grow, we were losing hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. But just as we were losing hope, Paisley turned a corner. She was released to recover at home. After numerous internal medicine and neurological consultations, Paisley finally healed. Paisley is now spending her days loving life with her new family!


 After one of our volunteers saw a puppy being given away on a Facebook post, we quickly made the decision to step in. You see, this was not a normal puppy. This was a 3 week old puppy though to have swimmer syndrome. Shortly after arriving, Ava made her way to the vet where it was quickly discovered that this was not swimmer syndrome. Ava suffered from malformed vertebrae and hemi vertibrae with stenosis. What that meant for Ava is that no matter how much therapy she did, she would never walk normally. The following weeks were spent visiting neurologists to see if anything could be done surgically, but unfortunately Ava was too young to truly be able to tell. Ava can not use her back legs appropriately, but this doesn't slow her down. Ava has kept up with dogs of all sizes when playing, and grows every day! over the past 7 months Ava has kept her foster family on their toes and has thrown them many learning curves. Recently during a routine spay, it was discovered that Ava was born with only one kidney and one uterine horn. with only one kidney, Ava did horribly under anesthesia and unfortunately is a significant risk for any future surgeries. This will prevent any future spinal surgeries, but Avas life will still have quality. She will spend the rest of her days in a forever foster home where she is loved just the way she is!


A local Animal Control Officer picked up a puppy in horrific condition and took her to their shelter. This little puppy was then posted to a list of animals in need of rescue. Once we saw this baby, we knew we had to help her. This puppy, who we named Daisy, had spent months suffering from Demodex Mange, which lead to a significant skin infection. Daisy has inflamed, raw skin with open wounds all over from itching her skin off. She was so uncomfortable that just a simple movement would make her bleed. Daisy spent several months on a treatment for the mange that consisted or oral treatment, antibiotics, and bi weekly baths in medicated shampoo. once healed, Daisy found her forever family with a the volunteer who saw her at the shelter. She is spending her days playing and loving life!